Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SpaceShipOne Returns to Mojave (well, sorta...)

It's baaack.... Well, in a sense. A replica of SpaceShipOne was installed today in the new Legacy Park at the Mojave Air and Space Port, which is nearing completion. Back in 2005, the X Prize Foundation commissioned several replicas of SS1 to be built for display purposes. One is now hanging in the main terminal of Meadows Field, Bakersfield. These replicas were built from fiberglass laid into the original molds which the real SS1 emerged from, and were produced by a team of interns. And the replica does the original one better: when the National Air & Space Museum hung the real SS1 from their ceiling, the stripped off all the sponsor's much for preserving history as it happened, right? Well, the replica shows SS1 as she looked for her two history-making X Prize Flights, as well she should!

Legacy Park is a joint project of the Airport Board and the Mojave Transportation Museum Foundation. The first display item, Rotary Rocket's Roton ATV was dedicated back on Veteran's Day, 2006. Eventually, the park will be encircled with miniature railroad tracks for use by a local live steamers club, celebrating the other transportation legacy of the Mojave area (the town was originally built in 1876 by the Southern Pacific Railroad).

In the end, this (right) is what it's all about: even before the park is done and dedicated, a father and two sons passing through the area stop and look up, and maybe even dream.

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Ben Brockert said...

The funny thing is that the SS1 replica has been sitting quite close to the park since it was built. The replicas were all made in a building here on the airport, and it's been sitting and waiting for a place to go.