Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Arrivals Board

Arriving late Monday was NovaAir's 737-247 XA-NOV. This was one of three 737s operated by the Mexico City-based charter carrier, which has been flying since 2005. Serial 23521 was originally delivered in 1987 to Western Airlines, and then moved over to Delta and Delta Express after the merger.


Anonymous said...

Ah, so *that's* what that is. I saw it the other morning and wondered if it was just another CIA front! (Just kidding.)

-Doug Jones

PS: who ordered this Arizona weather? We've been dieing out there on the ramp, I tell ya.

Alan Radecki said...

Gee...I'm glad I was away on vacation just south of Big Sur...yeah, there was a fire nearby, but at least it was COOL! Hard to come back to the humidity. Don't we always tell visitors "but it's a dry heat!?