Monday, March 9, 2009

Please welcome...Doug Scroggins

Mojave Skies would like to welcome our new Victorville correspondent, Doug Scroggins. Doug has worn many aviation hats over the years, including writer, photographer, video producer, aircraft preserver and aircraft scrapper. 

Doug is a regular contributor to Airliners Magazine, Airliner World, Airways and was the publisher of the now-out-of-print magazine Lost Birds, which featured older air crashes and recoveries. He also was the producer of the Discovery Channel documentary Scrapping Aircraft Giants

Currently, he's the manager director / director of operations for Aircraft Recycling Corp, which is based at Southern California Logistics Airport (VCV), and specializes in dismantling and scrapping airliners in an environmentally-friendly manner. During his time there, Doug has supervised the dismantling of American's very first 767s, N301AA, 302, 303 and 304, as well as AA's 767 (N330AA) that caught fire at LAX. He also scrapped the Honeywell 720B, N720H at Phoenix, and the Northwest 747, N627US in Guam. (In the photo at right, Doug poses with the nose art from Gemini Air Cargo's DC-10 Deanie, which he scrapped at Mojave in 2007.)

As ARC scraps some of the more interesting airliners that come their way, Doug has agreed to share their work with us, beginning with the two posts below, photo essays of the jobs that ARC has been working on in the last couple of weeks, an ex-American A-300-600, N7055A and one of the last ex-TWA 767s, N610TW. 

Welcome aboard, Doug!

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