Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Arrivals Board: Miss Melissa

Last Sunday it was "girls' morning" at Mojave. Right smack in the middle of Eve's maiden flight (she'd just done a low pass and was on downwind for her first landing), Miss Melissa arrived for storage. This old DC-9-34, N927L has a bit of history to her. Back when she flew for Ozark Airlines, she carried the Saint Louis Cardinals team logo and served as their team charter aircraft. After making the transition to TWA, she was the first DC-9 to carry the airline's new colors. After her time with Teenie Weenie Airlines, she was painted in the colors of Argentinean carrier Dinar Lineas Aereas, but that company went belly-up in 2002 before Miss Melissa  could be delivered. Instead, she spent time in storage at Tucson and Detroit before arriving here in the desert.

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