Saturday, August 2, 2008

Only in Mojave: Parallel Parking a MiG

Mojave is known for its strange-and-unusual, so once a month we'll be featuring a less serious photo which you'd expect to find no where else but here.

Only in Mojave . . . can you be driving down one of the main streets in town (in this case, K Street), and find an ex-East German MiG-21 parallel parked in a residential neighborhood!

Actually, here's what happened: every year, the town holds its "Gold Rush Days" celebration, complete with parade (this was a big gold and silver mining center in the early 1900s). In 2005, the honorary Grand Marshal for the parade was Mojave Airport legend Dan Sabovich, who rode on the tug pulling the MiG, which at the time belonged to Mojave warbird collector Al Hansen.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy seeing the Mig I transported to Fla. on the streets of Mojave!